The Society of Resource Geology (formerly The Society of Mining Geologists of Japan) was first founded in 1951 by geoscientists, exploration geologists and mining engineers in Japan. The Society changed its name to the present one in 1992 as its activity became international. The title of the journal changed from Mining Geology to Resource Geology accordingly.



Resource Geology (English) Wiley Online Library

An International journal for economic geology, geochemistry and environmental geology published quarterly in English.

Shigen Chishitsu (Japanese)  J-Stage

A Japanese journal for economic geology, mineral deposits, mineralogy, petrology, environmental geology, and geochemistry published twice a year.


Resource Geology Special Issues

Latest Publications

Resource Geology Special Issue, No.22 (2010)
Exploration and Discovery of Base-and-Precious Metal Deposit In the Circum-Pacific Region – A 2010 Perspective (by RICHARD. H. SILLITOE)
The exploration and discovery histories of 31 major base- and precious-metal deposits around the Pacific Rim during the last decade are described.

  1. The roles of different geological, geochemical and geophysical methods as well as other factors in both the discovery process and post-discovery exploration are appraised.
  2. A straightforward strategy for future discovery of base- and precious-metal deposits in the region is revealed on the basis of the 101 case histories in 40-year period combined.

Resource Geology Special Issue, No.21 (2000)
Exploration and Discovery of Base-and-Precious Metal Deposit In the Circum-Pacific Region – Late 1990s Update
This is the second publication to document a further 14 world-class discoveries that have taken place since the first publication “EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY OF BASE- AND PRECIOUS-METAL DEPOSITS IN THE CIRCUM-PACIFIC REGION DURING THE LAST 25 YEARS”, which was published as Resource Geology Special Issue No. 19 (1995). Together the two publications present the exploration and discovery histories of 68 world-class base- and precious-metal deposits discovered since 1970 together with an instructive synthesis of discovery methodology and the author’s views on future exploration strategies. In English, 65 pages, 4 color plates


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